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Turn-Key Jax offers you a wide range of colors and textures when choosing to re-finish tubs, showers, tile surrounds, vanities & kitchen countertops. This process is guaranteed to save you time, money and will be a lot less messy than replacing these items in your home make over.

Bath Tub & Shower Re-Finishing


If your bathrooms are old and weathered, re-finish them with a two part epoxy that will creat a shiny and brand new look. This process will save a lot of time and money when remodelling your home.


If there are monor chips or repairs in your existing unit - they can be fixed prior to the resurfacing process. If your tub or shower has been re-surfaced before, the old coatings will have to be removed using special chemicals. Surfaces have to be thoroughly stripped and cleaned of all old coatings and dirt. In any paint process the surface preparation is the most important part of the job.


The coatings used are high in VOCS and we suggest you leave home for a few hours to minimise the effects of the smell. In order to uphold the warranty, tubs and showers must not be used for a minimum of 24 hours.

Vanity & Cabinet Re-finishing


When renovating your home or rental unit, there is a wide range of finishes and color specs to choose from. 


Old cabinets can be re-painted and finsihed in a color that will fir in with the rest of the room. Once the cabinets have been re-finished, the vanities can be finished in a range of spec and granite look alike finishes.


Vanities can be finished with a glossy or satin finish.

Kitchen Countertop Re-finishing


If your kitchen countertops are looking faded or worn, have some water damage, we can save you hundreds of dollars by re-finishing them in a wide range of spec finishes. The kitchen sink and outlet covers will be removed and surfaces will be cleaned and prepped for re-finsihing. This is a two step process that will rewuire you not to use the kitchen for a minimum of 24 hours.


Surfaces can be finished with a gloss or sued finish, depending on the home owner.

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