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Carpet & Floor Care Services


Our Technicians are well versed in the various aspects of floor care. Using specialised chemicals and truck mounts. We are able to clean any surface with minimal disruption to residents.

Carpet Cleaning


Using truck mounts, hot water and professional chemicals we will bring life back to your carpets. Services include:

  • Deep Scrub & Clean

  • Stain removal (incl red stains)

  • Stretching and repairs. 

  • Pet Stain & Odor removal

  • Dyeing of carpet

  • Upholstery Cleaning

Hard FLoor Cleaning


All hard floor surfaces can be cleaned with a variety of chemicals  and heavy duty machines. Services offered are:

  • VCT - stripping of old wax and re-waxing

  • Tile & Grout cleaning 

  • Pressure washing of of driveways and paths

Emergency Water Extraction


In the event of flooding, leaking water heaters etc, we are available 24hrs a day to extract all surface water. Services include:

  • Placement of dehumidifiers & air movers

  • Removal of pad and carpet if needed

  • Dry wall repairs if water damage is severe

  • Mildicide treatment

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