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We offer professional painting tailored especially for your needs and budget. Our crews are skilled painters and can apply color with airless sprayers or by brush and roll. As with any recoating project, surface preparation and product choice are critical to the success and durability of your project.

Turn-Key Painting
Interior & Exterior

We only recommend the use of airless sprayers when painting unoccupied units. The choice of paint will have a large impact on the finished appearance. With a product like the Pro-X range from Behr paints, the effects of the spray gun will be minimised. Cabinet, window edges etc need to be taped up to ensure that the spray does not hit other surfaces. The uses of drop clothes and sprinkler covers are critical when spray painting.

Custom Painting
Interior & Exterior

When painting an occupied home or doing a customised paint project, we recommend the use of rollers and paint brushes. There will be minimal mess and customisation is a lot easier. The use of tape etc is critical to achieve straight edges and to create a million dollar finish. Our teams use only the best quality rollers and brushes to ensure the quality finish required.

Dry Wall Repair

When preparing for your color transformation, our painting crews will cover up all holes and dry wall damage. Textured walls can also be repaired. This surface preparation is a vital part of your painting project.

Recommended Products

We recommend the Behr range of products. There are paints for all applications. Using paint with a built in primer will save dollars and time. 


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